Lost & Found Policy

The library is the central lost and found repository for the Prescott campus. Any items of significance found on the Prescott campus should be brought to the library. The library’s front desk staff will make every effort to contact the owner of an item if it is clearly marked with a name or contact information. Other items will be retained so that owners may claim them. Twice a year (generally around graduation) the library will send out a campus-wide email reminding the PC community to check at the library for any lost items . Unclaimed items may be given away to the PC community (on the stipulation that if someone recognizes the item as theirs, it should be returned to them) or donated to local charitable organizations. If items arrive near the end of the term, they will be held through the next term.

  • Food and drink will be discarded immediately.
  • Clothing will be tagged with date found.
  • Computer accessories (cables, jump drives, chargers, etc.) without owner ID will be tagged with date found. The circulation supervisor will access any jump drives to see if ownership can be identified.
  • Books, papers, notebooks, costume jewelry, etc. without owner ID will be placed on lost and found shelf at front desk.
  • College ID cards, driver’s licenses, credit cards, passports, etc. – the library will call and/or send email to student and place item in a secure location.
  • Items of monetary value such as cash, jewelry (not costume jewelry), computers, cameras, iPods, keys, backpacks, wallets, purses, cell phones, etc. will be tagged with date found, and stored. Patrons must describe their missing item before receiving it. For very valuable items, a campus-wide email may be sent out. Library staff may contact someone in a cell phone’s contacts to attempt to discover the owner.

People looking for lost items may also leave their name, contact information, and a description of the missing item with the library so they can be notified if and when the item is found.

The Library is not responsible for lost items being returned, or for items claimed by other than the rightful owner.

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