Archives Policy

The library collects items related to the people and history of Prescott College in its archives. The items are divided into three categories: those pertaining to the college itself; the faculty; and the students. Within these categories there are further delineations related to the organizational functions of the College. Items collected for the archives include catalogs and course descriptions, meeting minutes, campus planning documents, photographs, news clippings, and College publications. Other items are collected at the discretion of the librarians.

Archives Access Policy

  • The Prescott College Archives exist to preserve materials related to the history of the College and the College community and to make these materials available for research and other uses. Access is controlled in order to protect resources for future use.
  • Access to archival materials must be by appointment. Appointments may be made by email,, or by phone 928-350-1300, or in person.
  • Access to archival materials will be supervised by a library staff member.
  •  Archival materials are for reference only and should not leave the library, except under extraordinary circumstances.
  •  Archival materials should be photocopied, if possible, rather than taken from the Library. If photocopies are not adequate for the intended use, for example reproduction of photographs, arrangements can be made to have the materials scanned in the Library.
  •   If under extraordinary circumstances original archival materials do need to be taken out of the Library they should be checked out at the time they are needed and returned as soon as possible.
  •   All materials should be returned to a library staff member.

Finding Aids

Finding aids are available online for the following archival collections:

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